IIT Madras, Indian Railways to Develop India’s First Indigenous Hyperloop


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and Indian Railways have announced a partnership to develop India’s first indigenous hyperloop. In addition, they will also help establish a Center of Excellence for Hyperloop Technologies in India. Also Read – Free Wi-Fi facility now available at 6,100 train stations across India

“To usher in a new era of transportation, Indian Railways has come together with IIT Madras to develop a hyperloop technology-based transportation system. Indian Railways will extend the financial support of Rs. 8.34 cr to IIT Madras for this project,” Indian Railways wrote in a message on Twitter. Also read – IRCTC: How to change boarding point after booking a train ticket online

According to a PTI report, the Ministry of Railways was looking for partners and domain experts to collaborate and work on developing a hyperloop-based transportation system in India for transporting passengers and cargo. “The Ministry of Railways has been informed that a team of 70 students named “Avishkar Hyperloop” formed by IIT Madras in 2017 has applied scalability and economical engineering concepts for the development of a Hyperloop-based transportation system with the aim of making India proud by showing its technologies to the world,” the Ministry of Railways said in a statement. Also Read – IRCTC Live Train Status on WhatsApp: How to Check Train Driving Status, PNR Status

“Collaboration with IIT Madras for the development of an indigenous Hyperloop system and establishment of a ‘Centre of Excellence for Hyperloop Technologies’ at IIT Madras,” it added.

According to the report, IIT-Madras approached the Ministry of Railways with a proposal for a collaboration to develop a hyperloop prototype at a test facility at the Discovery Campus in Thaiyur. The Ministry of Railways approved the proposal and now the Avishkar Hyperloop team and experts from Indian Railways are working to set up the proposed facility, which would one day provide the largest Hyperloop vacuum tube in the world that can be used as a test bed for further research.

As part of the partnership, Indian Railways will provide production assistance and an estimated financial support of Rs 8.34 crores. In addition, the Railways will also help draft safety regulations and provide access to its electrical testing facilities.

In contrast, IIT Madras will design the pod, tube and track, test various pod and tube prototypes, design and develop hyper-loop for pod technology development and train railway personnel.

Not only will this project provide a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional commutation, but it will also prove to be an important step towards making India carbon neutral.

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