How to watch PS5 game recordings in the PS app

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The PlayStation app makes it easy to find screenshots and game clips captured on your PS5 and share them on social media. It’s a fun way to relive and commemorate your greatest achievements in gaming. Here’s how to watch PS5 game recordings in the PS app.

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To view game recordings in the PlayStation app, tap the Game Library icon and select Captures.


What are game captures?

Game recordings are screenshots or video clips taken during gameplay. Given the impressive graphics capabilities of the PS5, it’s only natural for players to stop and capture the moment. Most PlayStation exclusives even include a special photo mode to better position the camera, control environmental effects, and change your character’s pose or expression.

By pressing the Share button on the DualSense controller, you can open the Create menu to save a video of recent gameplay or take a screenshot. You can also start recording to broadcast your gameplay or share it with friends.

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Once captured, your screenshots and video clips are automatically uploaded from your PS5 to the cloud. If you link your console to the app, you can view them in the PS app for 14 days to share with friends, or download them to your mobile device’s internal storage and keep them for as long as you like.

View game recordings in the PS5 app

First of all, your console must be linked to the PlayStation app. You also need to leave your console in rest mode and enable the Connected to the Internet setting to upload recordings. Then allow auto upload by going to Settings > Recordings & Broadcasts > Recordings and enable Auto upload.

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Then open the PlayStation app on your smartphone and tap Game Library at the bottom. Select Captures at the top.

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Tap the recording you want to view. You can view the details of your game recording by tapping the center arrow and download the content to your phone’s storage by tapping the arrow on the far right.

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Tap the arrow on the far left to share game recordings. You can send your gaming moments to other PlayStation friends or tap the Share icon to post them on your favorite social media sites.

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Yes, if enabled, video clips contain audio from a microphone or party voice chat.

What videos can be viewed in the PlayStation app?

PS5 video clips must have a resolution of 1920×1080 and a maximum duration of 3 minutes to be uploaded to the PS app.


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