How to see sensitive content on Twitter

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While browsing your Twitter feed, you may have received warnings about sensitive content. You will no doubt discover unpleasant posts where someone is allowed to tweet something from an anonymous avatar. Fortunately, Twitter identifies potentially sensitive material that users may not want to see, such as violence or nudity. However, if you don’t mind seeing such things, you can adjust your media settings. Here’s how to spot sensitive content on Twitter.

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To manage sensitive content on Twitter, go to Settings & Privacy–> Privacy & Security and select Content you see.


How to show sensitive content on Twitter

First, select Settings & Privacy on the left side of the Twitter homepage. Select More to see this option if you are using a web browser.

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Then select Privacy & Security and select Content you see. Check or uncheck the box next to Show media that may contain sensitive content. You can also choose interesting topics here that you want to see more of.

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After that, you can see sensitive content in your Twitter feed or search results. If you checked the box, a warning message will appear asking you first if you want to view the flagged content.

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How to change sensitive content settings for your own tweets

If you plan to regularly post sensitive content, it is polite to adjust your media settings to warn other users. To do this, log into your Twitter account and select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.

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Then select Privacy & Security -> Your Tweets. Finally, check the box to mark media you tweet as potentially sensitive.

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After that, people who visit your profile may see a message indicating that your account may contain sensitive content and asking them to confirm that they still want to view it.

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Twitter wants people to be able to see what’s happening worldwide, regarding potentially violent and adult content. However, some media types are never allowed on the platform, such as senseless blood or hateful images. Learn more about what types of posts are allowed through Twitter’s Media Policy

How do I flag individual tweets that contain sensitive media?

To add a content alert, tap or click the flag icon when editing the photo or video after adding it to your Tweet.

How do I report sensitive content on Twitter?

Tap the three-dot icon and select Report Tweet. Select A sensitive photo or video is displayed. Select the appropriate option depending on what you are reporting. Comments

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