How to Search Comments on Reddit

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Reddit users have been clamoring for the comment search feature for years, and now the social media website has rolled out the feature site-wide. Filtering searches by comments means less time scrolling through the results and more efficient searches.

Using Search on Reddit Comments

In the early stages of the rollout, comment search will be limited to the desktop website and will not be available through mobile apps on iPhone and Android. The feature is included in the standard Reddit search engine, which you can access at the top of the page on

To use the feature, open Reddit in your browser and enter a keyword in the search box provided. Press Enter to search, then use the “Comments” button at the top of the page to limit the results to comments on the site.

You can also filter by subreddit using the magnifying glass to the left of the search field. You’ll see your chosen subreddit appear in the box. Type your search next to it and hit enter, then use the “Comments” button to narrow your search. That’s all!

Some of Reddit’s advanced search terms (such as “user:[u/username]” or “title:[post title]”) to narrow your search (yet).

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Can you search Reddit by user?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Reddit’s comment search to filter by user, but you can try a third-party service like Reddit Comment Search to unlock this feature. Since the site is not operated by Reddit, it is usually not very reliable.

Although Reddit’s search for comments is indexed on the server side, third-party services have to crawl the website on each search. This often fails or takes a long time because it is impractical for a third-party service to keep comments archived.

Chances are, Reddit will expand its comment search feature in the future. The feature is (at the time of writing) still in its infancy, but will hopefully appear in mobile apps over time and be even more powerful.

Making good use of the comment search

If you’re smart about using comment search, you can use it to find discussions full of relevant information. For example, if you want to find music similar to one of your favorite bands, head over to a relevant subreddit (like r/blackmetal or r/dnb), search for a band, filter by comments, and jump to relevant topics.

Many people create threads asking for specific recommendations that are hard to figure out. You can use this to find all sorts of things like video games, movies, restaurants and more.

Since you’ll be using Reddit’s desktop site to search for comments, you might also want to disable the “Open in app” popup.

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