How To Make Your Twitter Account Private

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Twitter is a place where people exchange opinions and have good old-fashioned arguments. Most of the time, these conversations are meant to be public — after all, that’s what fosters the conversation in the first place. But for whatever reason, some people prefer to keep their Twitter account private and off-limits, available to invitees only. If you’re drawn to the idea of ​​building the drawbridge, here’s how to make your Twitter account private.

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To make your Twitter account private on the desktop and Twitter mobile app, go to Settings & Privacy–>Privacy & Security–>Public & Tagging. Check the box that says Protect your tweets.


How to Make Your Twitter Account Private (Desktop)

In the desktop version of Twitter, go to Settings & Privacy -> Privacy & Security -> Audience & Tagging. Or click here be brought there. You will now see this.

Check the box that says Protect your tweets. You may be asked to confirm your password to save your selection. Now if you look at your Twitter page you will see that your tweets are now all hidden. Existing followers will still be able to see them, however, and anyone who wants to follow you in the future will need to request access to your account to see your tweets. These access requests are sent to you as Twitter notifications.

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private (Android and iOS)

It’s the same process on the Android and Twitter apps. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

Tap your way to Settings & Privacy->Privacy & Security->Public & Tagging. Check the box that says Protect your tweets.

While it seems to run counter to the whole point of social media, there are situations where a private account can be highly desirable. When applying for a job, you may want to keep your tweets inaccessible to the potential employer, especially if the tweets are politically divisive. You may also already have a job where it would be undesirable for your colleagues or clients to see your opinion or catch a glimpse of you outside of work.

Another situation is authoritarian countries that don’t appreciate what you say, although Twitter is usually banned in these countries.

Finally, you may be an ordinary person who likes to have complete privacy. In that case, you can strictly control who you let in your Twitter “inner circle”.

Can you search for private Twitter accounts?

Yes, private Twitter accounts will still show up in search results. But you won’t be able to see any of the tweets in that account unless the account owner grants you access.

Are your likes private if your Twitter account is private?

If you like someone else’s tweet under your private account ID, such a tweet will appear on that tweet, but your username will not be revealed, along with your profile picture and other identifying information.


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