How to make your Pixel 6 vibrate louder for calls and notifications India News, The Indian Express


Justin Duino

If your Pixel 6’s vibration seems a little weaker than usual, you’re not alone. Dozens of customers say the March update changed the way their Pixel vibrates when receiving calls, texts or notifications. Fortunately, you can adjust the vibration of the Pixel 6, but it will cost you a few bucks.

To clarify, it appears that Google intentionally “flattened” the Pixel 6’s vibration engine. This change is probably not a bug: Few customers complain in the Google Support forum and many Reddit users even enjoy the weaker vibration.

Please note that this change only affects vibrations for calls and notifications. If it were a bug, it would likely affect all of the device’s haptics, including vibration while typing. Additionally, beta testers reported the “issue” to Google last month and were ignored, which seems to suggest the change is intentional.

If you want a stronger vibration, you should install BuzzKill. It’s a well-known app that lets you customize notification settings on Android, and yes, you can use it to increase the vibration intensity of your Pixel 6.

But BuzzKill is not free. You have to pay $2.49 to use the app, and hey, maybe that’s $2.49 more than you’re willing to spend. If you’re trying to avoid that fee, I recommend waiting for Google to confirm whether the “smoother” vibration is a bug or an intentional change. We have contacted the company and will update this article when it provides a statement.

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