Here are the best crypto wallets that won’t disappear from the App Store

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Long story short, Apple has always been skeptical of the blockchain realm, likely seeing it as a potential threat to the authority of the Big Tech companies. Now the tech giant has decided to pick flaws in crypto wallet apps. The Trust Wallet iOS app has become “temporarily unavailable” for new installs and updates like the service in its recent tweet

Where did Trust Wallet go wrong?

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet with a built-in Web3 browser. It supports both Ethereum and Bitcoin-based tokens and is quite popular with NFT collectors. The wallet also offers exchange services through third parties that are likely to have played a red rag with Apple. As specified in the App Store Guidelines 3.1, only in-app purchases are allowed and cryptocurrency transactions can only be facilitated by the exchange itself. It would make sense to assume that other wallets that use third-party exchange services could also fall victim to iOS outages. Trust Wallet isn’t even the only one banned. Atomic Wallet also reported some issues with its iOS app a few months ago and it still doesn’t seem to be available.

Meanwhile, this incident is likely to hurt confidence in Trust Wallet. It’s such a sad pun. The service will find a way out and compromise with Apple. Perhaps it will have to do away with the exchange services as such, which will drive out the users who need fiat-to-crypto exchanges in their wallets.

What are the alternatives?

To avoid an unpleasant surprise that a crypto wallet app is not available, it would be reasonable to use a service that offers comprehensive solutions. Therefore, choose a wallet that integrates an exchange platform that meets Apple’s requirements. Here are some such wallets:

1. NOW wallet

NOW Wallet was developed by ChangeNOW, an exchange and processing platform that has a lot to offer its users. It is a good example of a total solution. The primary activity of the platform is exchange operations, but it also facilitates token airdrops, provides crypto loans, and gives access to full Nodes and blockbook Explorers. ChangeNOW customers can exchange nearly 400 cryptos and 60 fiat currencies.

NOW Wallet can be used on Android and iOS devices. It integrates storage and exchange functions so that the users can keep their private keys, trade tokens or buy and sell crypto. In addition, the wallet is a good solution for preserving NFTs as it supports the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT token standards.

2. Huobi Wallet

Huobi Global is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with daily trading revenue of over $4 billion. It handles both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto swaps and provides access to spot and futures markets. The choice of available assets includes 348 cryptocurrencies and 57 fiat currencies. Huobi’s in-house wallet is available as an Android and iOS app. It supports twenty types of wallets including BTC, ETH, HECO, DOGE and more. Also, the wallet functionalities allow the management of ERC721 NFTs.

3. eToro Money Wallet

eToroX is a crypto exchange operated by eToro, a multi-asset investment platform. eToroX provides access to more than 30 digital assets, as well as 17 tokenized fiat and commodity stablecoins developed in-house by eToroX Labs. In addition to exchange activities, eToroX offers API services and a spot trading credit program.

eToro Money is a wallet for storing crypto assets and exchanging them for fiat money in one app. It can be used on Android and iOS devices. There are three types of wallets available: XRP, XLM and ETH.

4. Gemini Wallet

Gemini, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, provides a secure wallet infrastructure that supports approximately 70 cryptocurrencies. All users’ money is protected with the industry’s most advanced security and protection systems. Despite being a custodial wallet, the wallet offers theft protection backed by world-class insurers. One of the drawbacks is the expensive fee structure and the limited selection of supported cryptocurrencies.

5. wallet, another multi-currency crypto wallet owned by crypto exchange It supports hundreds of regular coins such as all tokens on the EOS network, all ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, all QRC-20 tokens on the QTUM network, and all NEP-5 tokens on the NEO network . Private keys are stored on the platform using high-intensity encryption, and neither the platform nor the user can access them. However, no-holding wallets are generally considered a better option. There is a popular saying in the crypto community: “Not your keys, not your coins.”

Bottom Line

Any disruption in the work of crypto software is like a wake-up call for its users. Security is a tricky one because no one wants to lose control of their money. For that reason, non-custodial crypto wallets may prove to be a preferred solution. In addition, the Trust Wallet case has shown that the Big Tech companies can take on the role of hard-core monopolists, blocking the smooth running of apps that justify such moves with a breach of their guidelines. In particular, if you want to store and exchange your digital assets in one app, make sure that both services are provided by a single developer. In this article, we have presented five wallets that can serve as a viable alternative to the Trust Wallet iOS, which is currently not available in the App Store.

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