HBO Max’s new shuffle playback feature is limited to 45 shows

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Almost a year after Netflix introduced its shuffle play button, HBO Max has also launched its own button. However, unlike the Netflix version that randomly plays shows and movies from across the service’s catalog based on your viewing history, HBO Max’s is pretty limited in scope. When you tap the shuffle button, the service will randomly pull episodes from one of the 45 shows included in the feature. It is also currently only available on the service’s desktop interface.

It’s unclear whether HBO Max plans to expand the number of programs in the list that can be played at random. WarnerMedia’s service also hasn’t said whether the feature will eventually be available in its apps, though it’s hard to believe it will remain a desktop exclusive. When Netflix first introduced its “play something” button, the company initially made it available only on TV devices. However, six months later, Netflix released it for Android devices and told us that testing for iOS devices would begin in the following months.

Here are the 45 shows included in HBO Max’s list, by deadline:

A world of tranquility

Adventure Time

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Apple & Onion

Chappelle Show

Cheer on the cowardly dog

Craig of the Creek

Control your enthusiasm

Ed, Ed and Eddy


Flight of the Conchords

fair prince


Full room

Great pottery throwdown

Hot Ones

How it really happened

impractical jokers

Key and Peele

Looney Tunes


Mike & Molly

Ordinary performance

Run 911!

Rick & Morty

Robot Chicken

Scooby-Do, where are you!

Selena + Chef

Sesame Street

South Park

Teen Titans go!

The wonderful world of gumball

The Big Bang Theory

The Boondocks

the mentalist

The middle

the babysitter

The office

The shot: uninterrupted

Tom and Jerry

Total drama

Two and a half Men

We Bare Bears

Whose line is it anyway?

Young Sheldon

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