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hacksmith industries bat signal

Hacksmith Industries is back and their latest project is a fully functional Bat signal that fits in the bed of a pickup truck. This project was not as easy as you might think, as light from a normal spotlight cannot simply project an image into the sky. That’s right, if you just try to paste a bat symbol onto the glass or plastic of a spotlight, it won’t project because it lacks the lens to do so. Read more to see how the team overcame this and for a bonus Batarang video.

In order for everything to work like you see in the movies, they had to use an inverted logo for the LEDs, toward the back of the Bat signal, then add a large focus lens to the front to actually get the image up in the air. . This custom-made spotlight consists of four large LEDs so powerful that an industrial water cooler is required to keep them cool, all connected to a gas generator.

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