GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition simplifies vlogging with a big battery backup

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The GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition takes the great little hero 10 black camera released in September and packs of three accessories, including an all-new handgrip that’s part battery backup and part remote, and the whole setup just makes vlogging easier with a GoPro.

Again, at the center of the Creator Edition is the Hero 10 Black, GoPro’s current flagship camera. Its features include video recording up to 5.3K at 60 frames per second or 4K at 120fps for slow motion and a ton of other recording options for stills and time-lapses, and it has incredible image stabilization. And the camera, which has screens on the front and back, is also rugged and waterproof to 33 feet without a housing.

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But the camera is just the camera, and it’s really the accessories that make the Creator Edition worth considering. Included in the camera package are two of GoPro’s Mods, the Light Mod and Media Mod, and the new Volta mount.

The Hero 10 Black Creator Edition introduces the new Volta grip.

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The Media Mod is a camera body that adds a micro HDMI output, a 3.5mm microphone jack and a USB-C pass-through for charging. It also has a built-in directional microphone with a removable foam windscreen and two cold shoe mounts.

The included Light Mod fits in one of those shoes. It’s a compact LED bulb with four brightness levels, including an overdrive mode to get up to 200 lumens for 30 seconds of brighter light. There’s also a strobe setting so you can use it as a safety light. It’s bright enough to illuminate your face at arm’s length. It is also waterproof.

Both Mod addons have been available for a while, but the Creator Edition bundles them with the camera and the new Volta mount. The Volta combines a handgrip with a Bluetooth remote control and battery pack. A coiled USB-C cable connects to the Media Mod, and GoPro said it can power the camera and mods for up to 4 hours of recording in 4K at 30 fps. I tested it and landed at 4 hours, 3 minutes, so this is perfect. Without the mods, it can run the camera at 5.3K at 30fps for 4 hours.

The Volta powers the camera via a USB-C cable, but the controls require Bluetooth.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The Volta can also turn the camera on and off, switch shooting modes and start and stop recording, take pictures or start a timelapse. And because it’s a wireless connection, you can use it while the camera is mounted elsewhere. The cable on the Volta is for power only, so it needs the Bluetooth connection to operate the camera, but it’s easy to do and quick to connect. If the cable is not connected to the camera there is no option to remove it or attach it to the Volta so it just sticks out.

The Volta has built-in legs that fold down so you can use it as a tripod, and the top mount swivels all the way around to position the camera in the best position for shooting. It also has a set of pop-out mounting fingers so you can quickly attach it to another mount, such as a suction cup or chest mount, so you can still take advantage of the extra battery life. It’s a shame the Volta doesn’t extend at all, but it does have a tripod mount on the bottom, so it’s easy enough to put it on a selfie stick if a little more reach is needed.

One thing worth noting is that while the individual parts are weatherproof or waterproof, they are no longer weatherproof once the Volta is plugged into the Media Mod. Standing in the snow or rain while vlogging isn’t something you want to do with it.

As you’d expect, since the pack includes the Hero 10 Black, it won’t come cheap. The Hero 10 Black Creator Edition costs $785, £760 and AU$1,205. For GoPro services subscribers, the bundle costs $582, which isn’t bad actually. The best deal is for new subscribers, bringing the total price to $532. And if you already have the Media and Light Mods or just want the Volta on your own, the price is $130.

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