Google shows you available doctor’s appointments

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If you wanted to see a doctor or a clinic, you would call and make appointments. However, Google seems to find that too much work, as it has a new feature. The company announced today that when you look up a doctor, they will show you the available appointment windows in the search results.

Google today gives you a huge amount of information compared to the past. When you search for certain items, you get snippets of information from multiple sources, along with images and videos. By looking up animals you get an animated 3D model. By looking up companies you get all kinds of information from location to website and telephone number.

Google shows you available places for doctor’s appointments

Now Google is going to provide even more information when it comes to looking up doctors. When you do this, you will now be presented with a list of available appointment windows. After you search for a medical facility, you can quickly see a list of appointments without having to dial in.

How does this work?

We know Google for its frequent use of AI trickery, but rest assured; Google doesn’t look at the doctors’ schedules or spy on their calls. The company worked with (and continues to partner with) several medical institutions to sync their appointment schedules and present that data when looked up. Until now, Google has been able to partner with MinuteClinic at CVS to display available appointment times when searching.

Google plans to go the full nine feet with this feature. If you look at the screenshot the company shared, you will not only see available times, but also what kind of procedures are available. For example, the first item shows “Physical and non-covid screenings” available the next day.

Another nice aspect of this feature is the ability to start the booking process directly from Google. Next to the appointment you have the button “Book”. At the moment we are not sure if you are actually booking the appointment through Google. It could probably link to the official website.

At the moment this is still in its early stages so don’t expect it to be available to your local dentist or clinic now. As Google is partnering with more institutions, we should see more places get this feature.

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