Gmail pauses mobile notifications when used on your computer

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It’s great to get Gmail notifications on your phone, but not necessarily if you’re using Gmail on your computer. This is why Google was testing a new feature. This feature interrupts Gmail mobile notifications when you use the service on your computer.

You need to stay on top of your notifications; especially your emails. This is why mobile email notifications are so useful. The thing is, so many desktop services are mirrored on mobile devices and you end up using both. You can only have a Slack conversation on the desktop to return to your phone for a full summary through all the duplicate notifications.

Gmail pauses mobile notifications when using it on desktop

That’s why Google is pushing a small, but useful feature to Gmail users. When using the Gmail service on your computer, a popup will appear asking if you want to pause the notifications pushed to your phone. When you click “Allow,” Google will send a command to your phone to let you know you’re out.

Google has been testing this with some users for a while, as we reported. According to Android Police, the feature is now being rolled out to more people. If you open Gmail on your computer, you may see this appear. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait a while for the feature to reach you.

In Other Gmail news: Gmail desktop version gets a visual revamp

Companies need to change the designs of their products every now and then. Google announced a new redesign a while back that came to Gmail for desktop a while ago, and now it’s rolling out.

Google calls this the “New Integrated View”. It’s not a major overhaul or anything. Basically, Google is moving various apps and services to a side panel on the left side of the main view. Instead of expanding your conversations, inboxes, and your Meet options into one column, they’re all compressed into app icons on the panel.

When you click on an icon, it expands to fill the entire screen. This removes a lot of clutter in the interface. In the column where everything used to be, your chats are shown as bubbles. It’s still rolling out, so don’t worry if you don’t see the redesign yet.

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