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Truecaller new features Android

Truecaller, the third-party caller ID app, has introduced a number of features to improve the user experience. The company highlighted in a blog post the features coming to Android users, such as Urgent Messages, revamped Smart SMS, the ability to edit sent texts, set the default view and smart card sharing. Also Read – The 5 Best Marvel Games on Android to Play This Summer

The update is currently rolling out for users who live in India. “We remain focused on the changing needs of our users and meet those needs with futuristic solutions. These features bring us closer to our mission: to make communication safer and more efficient for everyone. Truecaller has grown into a powerful communication hub and for the people who want to use the app to its fullest, these features will add tremendous value. Its features are fun and easy to use and can solve many problems we face in our daily messages.” Mr. Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer & Managing Director, Truecaller India comments on the new add-ons. Also Read – Best Android Wallpaper Apps: Tapet, Litwallz, Zedge and more

Here’s a brief description of the new Truecaller features:

Urgent messages: According to Truecaller, the new feature allows users to send “critical or time-sensitive messages” with a custom notification. The ‘urgent message’ will appear on the recipient’s screen in high visibility, even if another app is open, it will not disappear until the recipient reads it. Also Read – Nothing phone (1) smartphone announced, wants to compete with Apple

Edit sent chat messages: This feature allows users to edit/change the chat message even after the recipient has viewed it. If a message is edited, the recipient will see ‘Chat (edit)’. Users can edit chat messages at any time after sending a message. It’s worth noting that this new editing feature is only available for Truecaller Chat, not SMS.

Set Default Home Screen: After the update, Truecaller users can now choose the default view of the app when it first launches. With a simple long press on the Calls or Messages tab, this can be set as the default view. The next time the app is opened, it will open by default.

Smart SMS experience: This new feature on Truecaller allows users to keep messages organized, similar to SMS organizer. It has the visibility of all important messages, which will be much easier thanks to smart filters such as transactions, deliveries, trips, bills, etc. The company explains: “Since most text messages are one-way incoming messages, we present all important messages chronologically, making discovering important messages much easier so that users don’t have to go in and out of different SMS threads to read each new SMS. You can also filter by top senders”.

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