Former TikTok moderators are suing company for disturbing content

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A duo is currently suing famed video-sharing platform TikTok. The charge: Having to watch TikTok content. According to NPR, two ex-TikTok moderators have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for the psychological harm it was done to them. They claim to have been exposed to a deluge of disturbing content during their employment.

Every social platform (ah, the internet itself) has its share of disturbing content beneath the surface. You’ve probably heard of the proverbial “Iceberg”. All the crazy dancing, cooking videos, and lip syncing are just a small fraction of the content that’s on the actual platform. The rest of the content is really disturbing and not for the faint of heart.

Former TikTok moderators are suing company for disturbing content

The standard TikTok content can be problematic, but the two plaintiffs, Ashley Velez and Reece Young, are after the company for things far worse than dance videos. The two had to watch a ton of TikTok videos. Sometimes they did this for 12 hours a day. Suffice it to say, there are MANY videos that have passed their eyes.

The main issue that Valez and Young raised was the sheer amount of graphical and disturbing content they would have to watch. The content would be either violent, sexually explicit, or harm children. Valez told NPR that some of the content “made me cry for two hours.”

Not only that, but the two plaintiffs explained the deplorable working conditions in which they worked. The company forces moderators to work long shifts without breaks. That’s brutal when you’re talking about 12-hour shifts; and illegally.

This is a problem with many different sites

Valez and Young are still fighting this out in court with TikTok, but the main problem here is much bigger than this case. The sad fact is that, in addition to people posting cat videos and tech reviews, there is an army of people who get a lift from posting disturbing content. The content is posted by people who are affected by it themselves.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and TikTok are just too big to moderate the absolutely massive amount of content coming up. This is why many people get away with posting disturbing content on the internet. Hopefully TikTok can find a solution to fix this problem.

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