Fast Company’s Apple News Hacked to Send Offensive Push Notifications

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Hackers have used Fast Company’s Apple News access to send obscene push notifications to users and then detailed plans to release company information in a now-deleted post on the outlet’s website.

On Tuesday, the Fast Company business news outlet sent two obscenity-laden push notifications to its Apple News followers.

Apple News responded by turning off the feed and acknowledging the incident on Twitter.

Fast Company also acknowledged the hack in a tweet.

Recipients of the push notification quickly took to Twitter to post screenshots of the alerts, including a slur.

According to The Verge, there was also a post on Fast Company’s website detailing how the malicious party could sneak behind the company’s security protocol.

The hackers then linked to a forum post in which they revealed they would be releasing thousands of employee records and draft posts from Fast Company’s database. They also informed readers that customer information was stored in another database that they did not have access to.

Fast Company isn’t the only company to be hacked recently. In mid-September, Uber suffered a data hack.

In early September, Samsung informed customers that customer data had been stolen in July.

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