Far Cry 6 is getting a Stranger Things crossover on March 24

far cry 6 stranger things scaled

Far Cry 6 is getting a new Stranger Things-themed free mission on March 24.

The Stranger Things event, titled “The Vanishing,” will add a “stealth-horror-survival gameplay experience to Far Cry players for the first time,” according to Ubisoft.

In it, players will find a version of Yara, inspired by the Netflix series “Upside-Down,” which Dani must explore to find Chorizo ​​and rescue kidnapped Yarans.

next to the intersection, Far Cry 6 is free from March 24 to March 27. Plus, this weekend you’ll get a 50 percent discount on the game and the Seasons Pass 35 percent.

It’s worth noting that there is already a free trial of the game on the PlayStation Store, while the full game is 50 percent off until March 31.

Source: Ubisoft

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