ENCTR will launch their public presale whitelist on May 16, 2022

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We are incredibly excited to announce that the ENCTR project is launching a public presale on May 16, 2022. If you’ve already been involved with ENCTR, now is your chance to get in at the rock bottom. A great article to read about whitelists and their importance can be found here:

Now we are not going to promise that we will ‘take you to the moon’ or 200x your investment in one month. That’s just not our project. We really want to bring a long-term financial strategy to the GameFi space with our created ecosystem. What we can promise you is that we are building a 4 tier tokenomics structure that will allow you to earn constant return on investment through our ecosystem while earning extra income by playing your favorite games, betting on your favorite esports teams or win tournaments on your favorite platform.

What does that mean for our whitelist? The way we approach our whitelist is simple, we want anyone who wants to be on the ground floor come in on the ground floor and make sure we start on the ground floor.

This means that we will limit our total amount of presale token to 450,000 DAI in total divided over two different presale on May 16th.


Presale #1 will take place on May 16, 2022 at 6:00 AM EST and has a total limit of 300,000 DAI. In addition, we will create a hard limit on the maximum amount you can invest per wallet in our 3000 DAI system. This ensures that no wallet can hold more than 1% of the total token available at launch.

Why the purchase limit? Simple, we build a community based decentralized system. We don’t want one person, or even just one group, to own the majority of the token and prices can fluctuate greatly. Too many coins and tokens today have a small number of people with a large number of tokens and as such those people have too much say in the price of the token. Decentralized community is our bread and butter and that’s where we want to stay.

Why the hard cap? We’re severely limiting our first presale at 300K DAI to make sure we don’t overload our team. At the moment we are 5 members working tirelessly to build this project, the community and the ecosystem and it is working perfectly. We all got together and really smoothed out the amount of time we could safely spend on the project without feeling like we were being pulled in too many directions, then applied a hard limit of 300K DAI as the most we could in the liquidity pool to start with.

That brought us to another problem: we wanted to give people a chance to make enough money to make it worthwhile, but we also wanted to provide enough ground floor corridors for all supporters to enter. What we don’t want is for anyone to feel like they missed the “hype” drop and feel like they can’t get into the project early on. The solution to that was pre-sale two.

How is the presale going? We are launching the presale of our ENCTR token at the equivalent of 4 DAI. Doing some quick math means you can buy between 75 and 750 ENCTR tokens with the min/max limits we’ve set. It also means that the total number of tokens available for presale will be 75,000.

Those 75,000 tokens are on a first come, first served basis. Whether you’re using our Gleam campaign (which has priority access to notifications) or simply logging in to our website, you’ll be able to access the presale at the same time as everyone else. If your wallet is whitelisted, you can buy your tokens. Once the total number of tokens runs out, they’ll run out and the presale will be closed automatically. Wallets that have not been given a chance to buy are allowed to buy in Presale Two.

Can I guarantee my spot? Yes. In total we will have 100 spots that are guaranteed entry spots. Those 100 spots are divided over several channels. We will use 50 of those spots to give away our community members and partners on social media as we see fit.

We’ll try to keep this post up to date with any links to them as they become available, but our Discord is the best place to keep it. In addition, we plan to create 50 Guarantee NFTs. These NFTs will be sold for the equivalent of 500 DAI. All proceeds from the NFTs go to the Treasury, so you’re not just buying access, you’re actively building the liquidity pool.

The NFT will have several other functional aspects and future “upgrades” as the project progresses, but we’ll have a whole other page to discuss that. But again, our goal is to allow as many people as possible into the project, so not winning or buying one of these guaranteed spots doesn’t automatically mean you won’t be able to access one of the two presales.


Presale #2 will take place on May 16, 2022 immediately after the presale hits the cap (if so) and has a hard cap of 150k DAI in total. The purchase price of presale two is increased by 0.5 DAI.

Because of this, you can still enter at the ground floor price, although there is a slight difference between the amounts. While we really didn’t want to add a differential, adding the extra 150K DAI puts pressure on the team. The price increase is obvious and allows us to let everyone in early on in the project without putting too much pressure on the ecosystem plan we’ve put in place.

Once this limit is reached, there will be no further presale or options to get the ENCTR token before launch. If, by a miracle of support, we have both caps full and people are still not getting in, then we have something special for those wallets. While our team isn’t sure what that will be yet, there will be a reward for everyone who shows their support from the get-go.

Presale #2 runs the same as Presale #1, except there is no guaranteed entry to the second round of presale. If you want to be sure of your spot, check out the available presale #1 options.


The Encountr Token [$ENCTR] is a new Esports/gaming focused cryptocurrency initially launching on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

The ENCTR team will continuously monitor the crypto space for the best blockchain to host our token and bridge any possible bridge to other viable blockchains in the future. There is no fixed date for these bridges. $ENCTR will power its decentralized platform and ecosystem, circulating a new era:

A competitive gaming philosophy called “dEsports”, or Decentralized Esports. An enhanced casual gaming experience. Play your favorite games and earn rewards along the way.

DeFi is poised to revolutionize financial markets by cutting costs for intermediaries, such as banks or legal departments, and providing new and compelling ways to earn interest from digital assets. DeFi also offers easy and straightforward access to credit. DeFi should strive to set new standards in transparency, access and monetary models.

Currently, there is a great need for use cases in this space, especially in the gaming industry. Our shared vision is to empower gamers (both competitive and casual) to take their interests, competition and play to new heights, leaving USD services and poorly optimized third-party applications behind. As the gaming spaces and industries continue to evolve, more opportunities for competitive play are being put together.

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For all your project related questions:

Luka Antolic-Soban – Chief Executive Officer – [email protected]For partnership, influencer or marketing questions: Aaron Nichols – Chief Brand Officer – [email protected]meeting [May 16th] DeFi merges with GameFi | Revenue sharing protocol | Play AAA games and earn

ENCTR really seems to be bringing a long-term financial strategy to the GameFi space. What they promise is that they will build a 4 tier tokenomics structure that will allow you to earn constant return on investment through our ecosystem, while earning additional income by playing your favorite games, betting on your favorite esports teams or tournaments to win on your favorite platform.

With ENCTR’s layered architecture, you get the benefits of both GameFi interested users and DeFi interested users. In this way, ENCTR is suitable for both types of people.

For more advanced DeFi users, ENCTR has mechanics such as:

BondingStakingTreasury Backed Assets

For users who are only interested in utilities, you can prepare for the roadmap for ENCTR modules

Peer-to-peer betting on eSports (Battlescape) Earn rewards through the rotating systems of in-game achievements (for games such as League of Legends and CS:GO), supported by $ENCTR rewards upon completion (Arsenal) Guild creation and participation in various ENCTR Official tournaments and brackets. (Legion)

Combining the two makes the entire ecosystem thrive. DeFi merges with GameFi. Team (fully Doxxed): https://www.enctr.gg/company

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