Elon Musk Announces SpaceX Starlink Motorhome Internet Is Now Available

elon musk spacex starlink internet rvs

Elon Musk yesterday announced a SpaceX Starlink internet plan designed specifically for RVs, and it’s available now, but with a few differences from its regular counterpart. Let’s get rid of all the drawbacks, the first being that when users travel by satellite away from their home address, the data is automatically depriorized, resulting in slower internet speeds.

The second caveat is that you’ll have to pay $25 more each month, bringing the total each billing cycle to $135. Finally, the internet service is disabled when the vehicle is in motion and is restricted to if necessary at any destination where Starlink has active coverage, also known as deprioritization. However, it will be a while before Starlink can match the internet data transfer speed record of 319 Tbps set by engineers in Japan.


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Starlink prioritizes network resources for users at their registered service address. When you move your Starlink to a new location, this prioritization can lead to degraded service, especially during times of peak usage or network congestion,” the company said.

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