Disable the touchscreen on your Chromebook

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Chromebooks have many similarities with other computers. One of those similarities is that you can get some models with a touchscreen. While it’s convenient, you may want to disable the touchscreen on your Chromebook. Here’s how to do it.

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To disable the touchscreen on your Chromebook, enable Debug Shortcuts in the Chrome flags menu and restart your device. You can then use Shift + Search + T to switch the touch screen or Shift + Search + P to switch the touch pad.

Disable the touchscreen on your Chromebook

To disable the touchscreen (or touchpad) on your Chromebook, you need to enable the debug hotkeys in the Google Chrome flags menu. Open Google Chrome on your Chromebook and type or copy/paste the following command into the address bar.


Copy Textchrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts

Hit enter once you’ve typed or pasted it.

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The Chrome flags menu will open. In the drop-down menu next to Debug Shortcuts, click Disabled and select Enabled.

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Once you click Enabled, a button will appear at the bottom of the flags menu that says Restart. Click it to restart your Chromebook.

Palash Volvoikar / Android Authority

After your Chromebook restarts, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable the touchscreen and touchpad on your Chromebook. Here are the keyboard shortcuts.

Toggle touch screen: Shift + Search + T Toggle touchpad: Shift + Search + P

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Why isn’t my touchscreen working on my Chromebook?

It may not work because it is turned off or broken. If it is disabled, you can try following the above method to enable it. If there is a hardware failure, you may need to have the Chromebook repaired.


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