Dealmaster: Binge The Orville And More With This $1 A Month Hulu Deal


enlarge The intrepid crew of the USS Orville.

The Dealmaster is back with another wallet-friendly PSA: if you were planning on watching The Dropout, what we’re doing in The Shadows before season four comes out, or check out the upcoming season of The Orville, Hulu is currently offering three months of its ad-supported streaming plan for $3, or $1 per month.

The popular streaming service technically kicked off this promotion last week to celebrate “National Streaming Day” – which we don’t consider real either – but the offer is still active and will run until May 27. Anyway, this is the kind of deal we typically see reserved for promotions during the holiday season; last Black Friday, for example, Hulu offered a full year of service for the same $1 per month rate.

Like that deal, this offer is only for new Hulu subscribers and anyone who canceled their membership more than a month ago. So unfortunately current subscribers can’t take advantage. (This does mean, however, that the Dealmaster’s serial cancellation has paid off.) After the three-month promotional period, you will be charged the normal $7 per month of the subscription if you choose not to cancel. This deal is for the ad-supported version of the service, which is annoying, but the ads can be a small tastier considering the discounted rate. Also note that this plan allows for up to two simultaneous streaming sessions, which is the limit for all Hulu plans unless you pay an extra $10 per month for unlimited screens.


In general, three months should be enough time to catch up on older shows or dive into a new series. Even with the always patchy nature of streaming content, Hulu has a pretty strong lineup of old and new media, including shows, movies, and documentaries from across major networks. The service can also be bundled with ESPN+ and Disney+ from other Disney services for $14 per month or an additional $7 or $3, respectively (although Hulu says doing this here will negate the discounted price). You can find a more complete list of what’s available on the service here.

As for more specific suggestions, The Orville: New Horizons will air new episodes exclusively on Hulu starting June 2. It’s a popular episode among Arsians, and it’s debuting the first episodes since COVID halted production on the show in 2020. Jennifer Oullette of Ars wrote of the past season: “This is a clever series that combines humor and witty dialogue with cutting edge science, ethical musings, an occasional literary reference and genuine heart.”

For a more straightforward comedy, What We Do in The Shadows is another Ars favorite that will air new episodes this summer, starting July 12. The Emmy-nominated show also stands out for being included in a previous Ars “Best TV Shows” list. Hulu as a whole even made our 2020 list for housing other quality comedies like Ramy and PEN15, as well as a growing catalog of established series debuting new seasons on Hulu, such as Fargo. The murder mystery comedy Only Murders in the Building, meanwhile, made our list for 2021, and this year’s launch of the service has seen high-profile originals like Pam & Tommy and the Theranos-focused miniseries The Dropout.

The offering comes amid the subscriber growth for Hulu as a whole. The service had 45.6 million paying subscribers as of April 2, according to Disney’s latest quarterly results — that was up 10 percent year-over-year, but only included 300,000 additional subscribers during the most recent quarter, a big drop from that point. last year.

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