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Sony Xperia 1 III scratches

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These flagship smartphones are powered by the MariSilicon X Imaging NPU, dramatically increasing their photographic capabilities (especially in low-light situations).

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Sony’s Game Pass?

I’m digging Sony today: The Acquired podcast had a deep dive that I listened to this weekend (it’s three hours long!), with a lot of backstory and was about why most people love Sony a little bit:

Nostalgia for the Walkman or a hi-fi set, or they have a PlayStation or had one in the past, and so on… Anyway, the podcast is about all the reasons why Sony is great (hardware) and terrible (software: have ever used a menu system on a Sony Alpha camera? Phew), and how that lack of consistency has given Apple a lot of room to grow. But it’s what Sony does today that generates much of its revenue that’s also in the news: gaming (about 30% of its revenue) and electronics (about 23% of its revenue), including imaging and sensors.

So, to the news:

The largest Sony camera sensor for smartphones ever leaked. The Sony Exmor IMX800, as it is expected to be called, could be a 50MP sensor measuring 1/1.1 inches. That would be the largest of the brand, although last year Leica put a larger sensor in a niche smartphone. Rumors suggest it could arrive in phones like the Xiaomi 12 Ultra later this year. And it’s critical for Sony, because it needs to stay ahead and convince Apple to keep buying its camera sensors. Which is also current: Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple’s next Pro model phone, the iPhone 14 Pro, would “upgrade the rear camera to 48MP,” which is a “more prominent camera bumpon the back. A 48MP image sensor could potentially be this IMX800, or the already-launched Sony IMX789 or IMX689, or a chip specific to Apple, with rumors TSMC would make any chip. Apple has enough clout to make a ​custom chip, you might think, but regardless of the chip’s actual name and details, it would be Apple’s first change to its image sensor in seven years.

And Sony Game Pass is almost here:

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass will be announced this week. While Sony has PlayStation Now, which gives subscribers free games, nothing is as comprehensive or useful as Xbox Game Pass. Quotes: Sony service “will debut a sizzling array of popular games from recent years,” said the people, asking for anonymity because the plans are private. β€œSony’s new service combines two of its current offerings, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. Customers can choose from multiple levels with catalogs of modern games and classics from older PlayStation eras.” “…the most expensive tier also gives players access to extensive demos and the ability to stream games over the internet.” So get ready for Sony’s new gaming service…

To round up:

πŸ‘‰ OnePlus 10R leaked specs suggest it’s a Realme in disguise (Android Authority).

πŸ’΅ “If the Nothing Phone 1 is not cheap, it will fail” (Android Authority).

πŸ“Έ Glass rethinks the smartphone camera through an old-fashioned cinema lens: anamorphic lenses, on smartphones? Ex-Apple guys think it’s a way to effectively get much larger sensors, with some drawbacks (thenewsupdate).

Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

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