Chrome’s new side panel is rolling out to stable builds

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Google Chrome beta testers were able to try out a new side panel feature that Google has been working on. Now, thanks to a tweet from Mishal Rahmanwe know that this feature is starting to roll out to stable versions of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has changed a lot since it was introduced in 2008. Now we are approaching version number 100 and people are preparing for it. So far, many changes have been made to the browser, such as the new download UI that will streamline the entire download experience.

The new Chrome side panel is rolling out to stable builds

Now Google is introducing the new side panel, and this is a great feature for those who add a lot of pages to their reading list or their bookmarks. If you’ve enabled the feature, you’ll see a new icon in the top right corner of the screen. It looks like a box with about a quarter of it in the shade.

When you click that icon, the panel slides in from the right side of the screen. When you invoke it, you will see two tabs at the top. The first tab contains the items in your reading list. In addition, you will see all your bookmarks.

The panel gives you full control

The side panel gives you quick access to those two types of content and streamlines everything. If you want to edit your reading list or your bookmarks, you can do it easily.

You have the full selection of options to edit, add and remove the items. You can do this without having to call them up from the main menu.

Also, if you need constant access to your reading list or bookmarks, you’re in luck. The panel remains open even when you select an item. This means that you don’t have to call it up when you click on a page.

This feature is rolling out now, so you’ll be able to use it soon. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll have to wait for it to appear in your account.

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