Chris Rock Won’t Talk About Will Smith’s Oscars Hit Until He Gets Paid


We’ve heard very little from Chris Rock since he was punched by Will Smith at the Oscars.

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This is what has happened since then Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the OscarsWill Smith has apologizedhas himself 10 years banned from the Oscars and Jada Pinkett-Smith called it “a season for healing.” Meanwhile, it’s been a season online where everyone from comedians to actors and everyday people on Twitter has unleashed a tsunami of commentary on the blow that was heard around the world. †Daniel Radcliffe had the best

The only thing we haven’t heard yet: a definitive answer from Chris Rock about the whole situation. Since the Oscars, he has been mostly silent about the incident. Turns out he has a good reason.

“I won’t talk about that until I get paid,” Rock said during a comedy show in Palm Springs last weekend. According to a report from the Desert Sun, Rock has planned “a whole show” around the incident.

And that makes perfect sense, from a number of perspectives. Not least the impact Will Smith’s slap had on comedians across the country. Many, from Joe Rogan to Jim Carrey to Bill Maher, have gone after Will Smith for what they see as an attack on the art of comedy itself. For Rock, always one of the world’s most famous and successful stand-up comedians, this incident is probably worth a lot more than a single Instagram post.

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