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To change the language on Disney Plus, select the Audio and Subtitles menu icon in the top right corner while watching a video and choose your preferred language.


Android or iPhone

To change the language of the Disney Plus mobile app, first select something to watch. Tap the screen to display some quick settings, then tap the icon in the top right corner.

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You can then choose your preferred language under Audio on the left.


On your desktop computer, choose a show or movie to watch. While it starts playing, move your mouse over the screen to open quick settings and click the icon in the top right corner.

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You’ll see a long list of languages ​​to choose from under Audio on the left.

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After you have made your choice, you can continue playing. To change the default language, click your profile picture on the Disney Plus homepage, click Edit Profiles and select your profile.

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Open the drop-down menu under App language to choose your preferred language in your profile settings.

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If you share an account, each profile can have its own default language for the devices they use to view content.

Smart TVs

Changing the language settings on your Smart TV follows the same steps as on mobile or PC. Start by choosing something to watch, then use your remote to pause. Select the icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select your preferred language under Audio.

To change the default language of the app, select your profile on the home page, then choose Edit Profiles. In your profile settings, select App language and choose which dialect you want to set as default.


You can watch any title on Disney Plus from your Roku device. Then press the star button

on the Roku remote to open the audio menu.

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Select your preferred language on the left and watch Disney Plus on Roku in your changed language. To learn more about managing Disney Plus from your Roku device, see our guide.

Fire TV

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Like many streaming services, you can watch Disney Plus on your Amazon Fire TV. However, unlike different app versions, you cannot change the language from within Disney Plus and must change the language on your Fire TV device. To do this, go to Settings-> Preferences from the home screen and select Language.

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You can choose a different system language, which will adapt your Fire TV for all your streaming apps.

Apple TV

Open the Disney Plus app on your Apple TV. Select a title to view, then swipe down on your Apple remote.

The available language options vary by country, region, and title. If you can’t access a specific title in the language you’re looking for, that version may not be available in your country or region.

Why can’t I find my language on Disney Plus?

If you can’t find your preferred language by adjusting the audio, closed captioning and closed captioning settings, you can try changing the app language to get the version you need.Notes

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