Canadian Prime Minister Candidate Promises Legal Use of Bitcoin in Payment

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A Prime Minister Candidate of Canada Backs Bitcoin to Get Citizen Support.

Canada is a tech-friendly country and crypto trading has also been legal there for a long time, but the situation turned to a critical level when the Convoy freedom campaign faced termination of banking and crowdfunding support, under the bitter ruling from the government, which was criticized for not being able to. only by campaign supporters, but also by many people worldwide. Among the critical situations, people of the Convoy freedom campaign started using Bitcoin as a donation payment option and showed more power with using a decentralized anti-government payment system to keep the anti-government campaign alive.

On March 29, a YouTube channel “Bitcoin” published a video about Pierre Poilievre, the Canadian Conservative Party’s candidate for Prime Minister.

Pierre said citizens of Canada needed bitcoin to gain more financial freedom and also said people should use crypto tokens based on smart contracts.

Further added:

“People should have the freedom to choose other money. If the government is going to misuse our money, we should be free to use other, higher quality money.”

In this way he tried to say that they will introduce friendly legislation to support Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to use in the payment options.

This is a kind of statement by which a prime ministerial candidate wants to draw the support and attention of Canadian citizens against other prime ministerial candidates.

Kolya Karringten, executive director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC), shared his thoughts on these activities in a conversation with Cointelegraph and said it is not a good situation for crypto in the liberal government due to a lack of understanding about this technology among them.

He added:

“It is important to have a strong advocacy to educate the government about the blockchain. Once they see the level of tax revenue, they know this is not an industry for criminals, but an industry for innovation.”

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