Brelyon’s 120-inch Ultra Reality Monitor lets you experience VR without the headset TechEblog

brelyon ultra reality monitor virtual vr

Let’s face it, virtual reality headsets are causing many users to experience motion sickness, but what if there was an alternative way to experience such content? Meet Brelyon’s 120-inch Ultra Reality monitor, touted as the world’s first virtual display without a headset. This curved monitor essentially provides cinema-scale panoramic virtual images with meters of true optical depth that pan across both eyes, all in a device that fits on your desktop. Read more for a hands-on look and additional information.

Building on technology developed by the MIT Media Lab, Brelyon has developed technological advances in computational wavefront engineering to mimic a massive panoramic screen with single or multiple levels of depth without the need to wear headsets. To make this technology more accessible, the company is integrating LG Display’s P-OLED technology into Ultra Reality.

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With Ultra Reality, Brelyon is pioneering a new category of immersive displays to bring gaming, esports, metaverse experiences and more to the desktop. Monocular depth control has long been the missing ingredient for AR/VR and 3D TVs – that’s because most current 3D screens simulate depth using bulky stereoscopic headsets or goggles that trick your eyes into believing they’re seeing a 3D image. see image. Brelyon has invented a new kind of optical technology for Ultra Reality that solves the problem of monocular depth and ushers in a new era of holodeck-like immersive 2D and 3D displays that will replace the traditional desktop monitor,” said Dr. Barmak Heshmat. , founder and CEO of Brelyon.

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