Binance Hires Former Microsoft Corporate Vice President

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Popular crypto exchange Binance revealed its move to hire a former corporate vice president of Microsoft, Rohit Wad.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange, ranking first in the crypto industry with 24-hour trading volume. Exchange is known for its quality services and also for new experiments with its crypto offerings to users. Binance is just the exchange, which took the top spot in the industry in less than 4 years.

Recently, Binance published a blog and confirmed that the exchange has hired Rohit Wad as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Rohit spent his previous career at Microsoft as Vice President of Corporate at Microsoft. And for the past few months, Rohit has been working in the background as Binance CTO to prove his role as the perfect choice for the Binance exchange. Rohit also has experience as an Engineering Director at Facebook and Google companies.

Last month, Rohit worked for Binance, related to the engineering of scalable, compliant and fast Web3 services and solutions.

In the position of Binance CTO, Rohit will work to help Binance Exchange deal with compliance-based works in the crypto and blockchain industries.

In a separate post, Rohit said that Web3-based projects have huge potential, so it was the best decision for him to go with Binance Exchange.

Rohit added:

“While we are still in its infancy, there are already technologies that can dramatically simplify these inefficiencies. Web3 is exciting and I’m super excited to join Binance to lead the global technical team. Web3 is growing fast and so is our team. We have hundreds of technical and product features around the world.”

Recently, Binance Exchange has established a new crypto team for Web3 based development works. For the same, Binance hired Mayur Kamat, former Agoda VP of Product, as the Head of Product.

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