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azuki is sending 1M nft to space with nasa social

This year, Azuki became one of the most popular NFT projects – the sixth most traded NFT collection, with each NFT currently worth about half a million dollars. The anime-esque character community is eager to experiment with Web 3.0 and announced they are sending Azuki #40 – Bobu the Bean Farmer – to the moon. Bobu will be the first NFT in a hardware wallet in the space.

Bobu has been an active participant and core character in the Azuki community. It is also “the first decentralized governance experiment in character IP management” (12,000 holders), and Azuki has launched a collection of 50,000 Bobu The Bean Farmer NFTs. 2,000 of the tokens Bobu will bring to space in a ledger. The journey lasts 31 days and during the time“Bobu will explore his interest in intergalactic sake brewing and more.”

Azuki wants to fund student research organization ‘Stellar’ by making this space trip:

“Stellar’s research will measure the energy output and electrical characteristics of a microbial fuel cell (MFC) in a microgravity environment. NFTs will make history with this journey and will also contribute to important humanitarian research.”

Bobu’s official website wrote.

Bobu will launch into space on April 23 in a SpaceX Crew-4 rocket, with the exact time announced on his Discord channel. The event will be streamed live on YouTube.

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