Authtrail integrates KILT protocol DIDs to improve data integrity

Authtrail Integrates KILT Protocol DIDs To Enhance Data Integrity


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Application developer for KILT Protocol, Authtrail and BTE BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH (BTE) has announced plans to integrate KILT DIDs into the Authtrail platform. The integration aims to improve the reliability and transparency of the data flow on Authtrail.

Authtrail aims to bring blockchain-based integrity to corporate data, powered by Moonbeam, a Polkadot-based smart contract platform. Digital identities composed of decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials using KILT will be integrated into the data sources Authtrail works with to ensure data provenance across the enterprise value chain.

“We are excited to partner with BTE to integrate DIDs using the KILT protocol. By deploying DIDsign, we can create more value for enterprise customers looking to innovate their identity systems without compromising the security of personal or organizational data. endanger their environment,” said Authtrail CEO, Matjaž Sobočan.

Until now, trust and verification has been achieved by physical means using ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc., but no more. KILT’s decentralized blockchain protocol enables the issuance of verifiable, revocable and anonymous credentials and easy with DIDs for Web3.

Developers can use this platform to build identifiers and credentials for people, machines, services, IoT use cases, and anything that needs identity. In this way, KILT brings trust to the digital world by creating a framework for self-sovereign online identities.


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By translating physical identity data into digital, KILT gives Authtrail greater capacity for data veracity and traceability and will meet the needs of Authtrail customers who require DIDs for their systems, organizations and employees. The DIDs are created through the Authtrail application using DIDsign, which will streamline the onboarding process for large enterprises as the end user does not require any prior knowledge of DIDs or blockchain.

Using DIDsign, a hash for the data can be associated with a DID to form a signature, but the KILT blockchain only stores the DID for security purposes. Authtrail currently offers immutability to the data it contains, but with DIDsign, it can guarantee the accountability of data even before it is written to the blockchain. That way, any subsequent change to the data can be easily detected as the signature and the changed data will no longer match.

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