Arizona is the first state to allow driver’s licenses in Apple Wallet

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It took several months, but Apple Wallet can finally hold your state driver’s license. Arizona residents can add their driver’s license or state ID to Wallet on their iPhone or Apple Watch. You’re currently limited to presenting the digital cards at certain TSA checkpoints at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, but this can save you the trouble of reaching for conventional IDs when your phone or smartwatch is ready.

Apple is also promising wider availability beyond the eight states already announced. Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio and Puerto Rico have also pledged to support ID cards in Wallet.

The process remains as involved as Apple indicated last year. In Wallet on your iPhone, you can add a driver’s license or ID by scanning the card, taking a selfie and making head movements to prove the identification is yours. When it’s time to present your data to the TSA, consent via Face ID or Touch ID. The TSA also takes your photo to verify cards. You need at least an iPhone 8 with iOS 15.4, while you want an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer with watchOS 8.4 if you want the feature on your wrist

Apple claims that cards in Wallet can be more secure than their real-world counterparts. You only share necessary information and you don’t have to show your device to an official. All driver’s license and state ID data is sent over an encrypted connection, and the biometric authentication requirement should prevent others from viewing your sensitive data.

Android has the digital driver’s license framework as of version 11, but it mostly relies on third-party apps. Google hopes to standardize these IDs through an Android Ready SE Alliance it formed last year, though that will likely take some time as vendors get on board. For now, Apple seems to have an edge when it comes to digitally stored credentials.

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