Are you happy with your Wi-Fi? The answer is not simple.

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Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the most important and seamless technologies in use today, theoretically allowing devices to access the Internet and networks wirelessly with minimal fuss.

However, Wi-Fi isn’t perfect in practice, and our own Dhruv Bhutani abandoned consumer Wi-Fi gear in favor of Ubiquiti networking hardware. We also put a poll in his article asking if you were happy with your setup, and here’s how you answered that question.

Are you satisfied with your WiFi solution?



We placed the poll and the accompanying opinion piece on Sunday 20 March. More than 2,100 votes were counted and it appears that 33.79% of the respondents are indeed satisfied with their WiFi installation.

However, coming in close second with 32.18% of the vote, the camp said, “No, I’m looking at professional solutions like Ubiquiti.” Meanwhile, 25% of readers surveyed say their Wi-Fi setup works well enough and they aren’t looking for an upgrade. Finally, ~9% of respondents say they are not satisfied and will upgrade to a mesh network system.

When we combine the votes of those who are happy with their Wi-Fi setup and those who say it works well enough, we find that almost 59% of respondents are at least not looking for an upgrade. Meanwhile, about 41% of polled readers are looking for some kind of upgrade. All of this suggests there’s a lot of room for improvement for consumer-grade Wi-Fi solutions.


Maleko: Already did the same, but use TP-Link because it’s a fraction of the cost of Ubiquity, with their business equipment. Also set up Pi-Hole for adblocking and a VPN for adblocking on the go. Never regretted doing it all. John Borg: There’s no option for ‘yes and I’ve already invested in it’ Brandon G: I’ve been enjoying my Google nest Wi-Fi Lightmaster: I’ve actually just started my upgrade from a single Asus GT-AX11000 router to UniFi. Got a Dream Machine Special Edition (have 2Gbit internet and it has a 2.5GbE port), a USW-24-PoE, a WiFi 6 Pro and a WiFi 6 LR. I am going to buy 2 more WiFi 6 Pros when we are done moving into our new 3600 sq ft home. It’s just too big with too many walls for a single AP to cover, not to mention you get some yard coverage too. Andy Marden: Happy with my setup as I went all out for Ubiquiti after a similar journey. Three features all vpn together (but done the hard way with Edgerouters, no fancy Dream Machines!) Never looked back and wouldn’t use anything else. Kira: The advantage of a 200 square meter apartment is better WiFi. Ahmad: I did the same for our small business after years of trying different systems. At first I thought it was too good to be true for their prices, but I was wrong after trying them. Simple and easy to set up. Great quality and lasts a long time. Stanley Kubrick: I have a new fiber 300 setup from AT&T. I bypass the WIFI on the supplied router and use Deco X20 (2 units) in my 2,800 square foot home with an ethernet backhaul. Great, fast WiFi all over my property. Comments

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