Amazon refreshes Fire 7 tablet with USB-C, finally

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet 2022


The new Amazon Fire 7 tablet for 2022 finally has a USB-C port. Amazon has also upgraded the processor, RAM and battery life. However, the tablet is also more expensive, starting at $59.

The smallest and cheapest Amazon tablet has been the company’s bestseller for years. The incredibly low price of just $49 has undoubtedly made the tablet a success. However, the last time the device was refreshed was in 2019, so it was too late for some love.

Elsewhere, Amazon has also added more RAM. In fact, it doubled it from a measly 1 GB to a slightly better 2 GB. The battery life of the tablet has also been extended and it has a better processor, which according to Amazon gives 30% more power.

Obviously, the device still won’t be able to access the Google Play Store, with Fire OS targeting Amazon’s own app ecosystem.

There are costs associated with these upgrades for the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. The entry-level price increases slightly from $49 to $59. That’s for the model with 16 GB of internal storage and an ad-supported lock screen. You can ditch the ads and keep 16GB of space for $74.99, dump the ads and increase it to 32GB for $94.99, or keep the ads with a 32GB upgrade for $79.99.

Click the button below to pre-order the Amazon Fire 7 tablet for delivery on June 29.


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