Amazon Glow video chat projector is now available to buy

amazon glow


The Amazon glowthe video chat device, with a built-in projector for games and books, is on sale now for $300.

The glow, that Amazon launched in a limited early access period in 2021, is designed for video chatting, but also includes an ingenious downward-facing projector that allows children to play games and read books at the same time on a table or counter while talking with family members or friends. It is designed for children aged 3 to 9.

In addition to the wide release of the Glow, Amazon announced a slew of new features, including new games and books, new play modes, adjustable projector brightness, and expanded Glow app compatibility — friends and family chatting with the Glow device will have their own. no need unit.

The Amazon Glow is available now for $300 — or with included tangram toys for $330† CNET’s Bridget Carey and her daughter Olivia tried the Glow last year, and you can see their experience in the video below.

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