AltSeason Explodes Very Soon, XRP Price And DOGE Price Making A Bigger Step Very Soon!

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AltSeason has been a long wait, and while some altcoins are trying to take a bigger step, Bitcoin is cutting hard, dragging the entire crypto space to the bottom. Since the start of trading in 2022, a similar scenario has been repeated every time, weakening the momentum of the altcoins. However, with the resurgence of the two popular cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum may also spring into action.

Wrinkle (XRP)

Ripple price has been trading in a deep downtrend for almost a year and is finding the right opportunity to set a strong uptrend. The recent rejection of the upper resistance was reasonably expected as the price that flowed inside a bearish triangle was expected to top. However, now that XRP price has jumped from the lower support, the coming weeks could be quite fruitful.

XRP price set this week’s trading on a bullish note after recording 4 constant bearish closes. And so, with a strong reversal, the price seems poised to enter immediate resistance at $0.71 from now on. Furthermore, after testing these levels, the price may face minor turbulence but the bulls may push the price towards $0.91 to $0.99. After reaching these levels, XRP price could easily reach $1 and test the higher highs.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

A similar scenario is depicted with the DOGE price as the asset is about to break out of years of consolidation. The asset has had a good bullish start to the week as it moved above the upper trendline of the falling wedge. It has undoubtedly risen below 5% but still managed to float out of the falling wedge. And therefore the current price setup shows a possibility of a 50% increase to reach the levels above $0.20 very soon.

The weekly price forecast is still quite uncertain about the possibility of the asset slipping back into the pattern. And in such a case, the bullish scenario could be postponed for a while. In addition, the current weekly candle is also bearish, while bullish pressures are still accumulating well. The current accumulation within a very narrow range points to a significant breakout in the coming days. In extended cases, the DOGE price can even reach $0.35

With the spike in the most stagnant cryptos, XRP & DOGE, the other altcoins are also experiencing a significant spike. And that’s why a huge Alt season could soon break out that could almost increase the market cap of altcoin by almost 25% to 30% in the next month, as the market cap remains above the critical support. Therefore, after a fairly long gap, popular assets may soon experience a remarkable rebound.

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