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If you are an American, you would probably think of: [Silas Hansen’s] project as “air soccer”, but most people prefer air soccer. Anyway, it’s like air hockey, but more of a football field feel. The project looks great – if you saw this on the shelves of the local toy store you wouldn’t like it. You can see a video of the game in action below.

Unsurprisingly, the brain of the game is an Arduino. Thanks to laser cutting and 3D printing, the housing looks good. A Roland printer produced the stickers that really dress the case, but you could find another artistic way to do the decoration.

You could probably do this without all the fancy fabrication material, but drilling all those air holes by hand would be a pain. Air comes from a 3000-rpm brushless fan, and a pair of line trackers are again meant to sense when the puck — er, ball — hits the targets. A touch screen takes care of the score counting.

All in all a fantastic project and one of those things that doesn’t use too high tech but still looks great and seems to work well.

We have of course seen hockey tables before. If you’re too antisocial to have an opponent, you can always build one.

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