Affyn’s $FYN Token Listed on Bitmart, Following Its World Debut in 2022

Affyns FYN Token Listed on Bitmart After its 2022 World Debut


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One of the notable names in the Play-to-Earn space, Affyn, has announced that its native token, $FYN, will be listed on Bitmart, available in more than 180 countries. It is listed as of March 30, 2022 (14:00 UTC).

Singapore-based Affyn has recently raised more than $20 million in several fundraising rounds and is building a sustainable P2E mobile gaming model.

What is Affy?

Based in Singapore, Affyn uses various technologies, including blockchain, integrated VR, precise geolocation capabilities, to provide an immersive free-to-play P2E mobile game. As for the way Affyn offers its players an immersive experience, it does so by using cutting edge technologies. In addition, it also has a native token, $FYN, which can be easily converted into fiat currency and used for various products and services.

After Affyn’s native token $FYN debuted in February, it has even surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to become the fourth most visited and third most searched token.

What’s special about Affyn?

The first thing that allows Affyn to stand out from the crowd is his buddies, the in-game characters in the metaverse game. Unlike other metaverse games, buddies are reusable, meaning players use them in many different games and metaverses.


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Moreover, Affyn’s native token ensures a sustainable and circular economy. It does this through its $FYN tokens, which are used in both the real and virtual worlds. For example, holders of $FYN tokens can purchase digital real estate and NFTs through their tokens and also use the tokens for real items.

Speaking of the support Affyn receives from the community, Lucas Lee, Affyn Founder and CEO, said: “We have received tremendous support and love from the community. Our sustainable gaming economy is designed to enable users to tap into many valuable revenue streams. At the same time, our community can use the $FYN token in the real world.”

He further expressed his excitement at Affyn’s $FYN listing on Bitmart, saying, “We are looking forward to the upcoming Bitmart listing as it allows us to reach users in more than 180 countries, further adding to our mass adoption efforts alongside the real world use of digital assets.”

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