Adult Content DeFi Ecosystem Fantasy Digital Announces $FTXXX Token Sale Now Live

Adult Content DeFi Ecosystem Fantasy Digital Announces FTXXX Token Sale is Now Live


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Fantasy Digital, an innovative DeFi adult ecosystem that allows fans to enjoy curated adult-themed experiences in mixed reality, announced the opening of the $FTXXX token sale, which will run through the end of April. $FTXXX is the native currency of the Fantasy Digital project.

Enjoy the hottest adult content in mixed reality

Fantasy Digital is an ecosystem of adult content in mixed reality with curated, adult-themed experiences for fans to enjoy and creators to monetize their original content. It allows everyone to discover and enjoy the hottest adult experiences presented in mixed reality (VR and AR) through NFT memberships. Users only need to purchase a unique digital collectible adult NFT called a StipNFTease to access exclusive mixed reality experiences and events.

Holders who upgrade their StripNFTease will earn Fantasy Rewards (P2E), paid out in FTXXX tokens. Each NFT upgrade allows holders to unlock an expanded version of the creator’s erotic show and access exclusive physical/digital events and NFT drops.

Additionally, FantasyFetishNFT is launched to give fans access to more specialized and customized content from their favorite creators.

Authorizing content creators through DeFi and NFTs

Fantasy Digital’s mission is to create a financial and technological infrastructure for adult content creators to monetize their content. It provides a realistic solution to many of the challenges that content creators face both collectively and individually as an interconnected community. It allows content creators to express themselves by removing the limitations of traditional social platforms such as censorship, lack of anonymity and exploitation. Unlike many adult fan sites, Fantasy Digital strives to connect adult content providers on a more personal and interactive level with fans/customers.


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The platform incentivizes content creators with FTXXX token rewards to participate in mixed reality experiences. There are also real/virtual member events such as club nights, hotel and cruise takeovers, and worldwide fan meetups that generate revenue for creators. Additionally, creators who invite other creators to produce content on the platform will receive monthly rewards through the Fantasy Rewards program.

Finally, the exclusive Fan Favorite Voting System allows fans to vote for their favorite StripNFTease creators, providing another opportunity for creators to earn money.

While the ecosystem is currently under development, those interested in building their profile on the platform as creators can do so by visiting the link below [add link]†

With its NFT membership mechanisms, Fantasy Digital encourages creators to participate in highly interactive mixed reality experiences. At the same time, fans can level up their NFTs to unlock exclusive content and contribute to an ever-expanding ecosystem.

$FTXXX Token Sale

The highly anticipated public sale allows users to purchase $FTXXX at a flat rate of 0.02 CAD per 1 $FTXXX. The total supply of $FTXXX tokens is 500 million tokens and only 65 million tokens will be available during the public sale. The minimum amount you can buy is CAD 100 worth $FTXXX.

To participate in the presale, users must first choose a MATIC wallet address (Polygon). The next step is to fund your MetaMask wallet with ETH, MATIC or USDT. You can then exchange ETH or MATIC for the $FTXXX token. All $FTXXX tokens purchased during the public sale will only be accessible at the end of the sale.

Public sale details

The total number of $FTXXX tokens to be sold is 65 million. The price of $FTXXX for public sale = 0.02 CAD per 1 $FTXXX. All tokens will be locked until the public sale is completed. Bonus Tokens: As a thank you to our holders, we are giving 5% bonuses to every user who refers other investors to buy $FTXXX tokens.

To participate in the $FTXXX public sale, visit here:

To learn more about participating in the public ICO sale, check out their social networks here:





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