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Discord is all about being able to communicate with other people. Whether you know each other in person or live on opposite sides of the planet, Discord connects people. Knowing how to add friends on Discord is the first step to creating many online memories together.

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To add friends on Discord, click Home > Friends > Add Friend. Enter their username and Discord tag, then click ‘Send Friend Request’.


What is a Discord tag?

Before adding someone on Discord, you need to know what a Discord tag is.

When you create a Discord account, you can choose any username. You can also change it whenever you want. Since this freedom applies to everyone, there are probably hundreds of other Discord users with the same username as you.

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Your Discord tag is a 4 digit number that follows your username and identifies you among all other users. It will be assigned to your account when you first create it. If you’re a Discord Nitro subscriber, you can change your Discord tag whenever you want.

Discord tags are inseparable from the name you choose for your account. For example, if you try to search for “jumbo” on Discord, you will not get any results.

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If you search for “jumbo #1411” or whatever their Discord tag is, you can send that person a friend request.

Add friends on Discord


In the Discord desktop app or website, click the Discord logo at the top of the left-most sidebar. This is the Home button.

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Click the Friends tab at the top of the DIRECT MESSAGES sidebar, then click the green Add Friend button.

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Enter their Discord username in the blank field, then click Send a friend request. Remember, you have to manually enter their username, then a hashtag, then their Discord tag.

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Android and iOS

Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Press the button in the bottom toolbar that looks like a waving human; this will take you to the Friends page. This is where you manage your friends and pending friend requests.

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Tap the Add Friend button at the top right. On the Add Friend page, enter the username and Discord tag of the user you want to befriend.

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You must know another user’s Discord tag to specify and add it. However, if you have the Discord mobile app on your phone, you can go to Friends > Add Friend > Scan Near. If the other user is physically near you and has the Discord app, you can scan for them and add them.

Alternatively, if you have the option on the Friends tab that says “Find your friends: sync your contacts and start chatting”, you can find other Discord users that you have in your smartphone contact list.


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