AARP swipes right on senior social network

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Can you believe that Facebook is turning 18 this year? One of the troubled teen’s biggest problems is that not only are the young people still leaving in droves, but many of the remaining residents are aged 50 or over and are susceptible to the various predators and sources of misinformation that plague the site.

Well, AARP wants to change the social media landscape for those approaching or already experiencing their twilight. Basically, they want to take them away from Facebook. The organization has spent untold amounts of money creating the Senior Planet Community, which is a bit like a baby version of reddit, as the site is divided into interest categories such as photography, gardening, pets, and fitness enthusiasts.

The site was developed by Older Adults Technology Service (OATS), an AARP affiliate. OATS conducted computer classes for seniors and went online during the pandemic, and the idea grew from there.

The main difference is that Senior Planet Community is completely free (for now at least), including a complete lack of ads. If Grandma unknowingly starts spending hundreds on microtransactions, it won’t happen here, and not just because there isn’t a mobile app or games yet. As for moderation, there is a long list of house rules that include courtesy and encourage citing sources. Messages can be reported if they break the rules.

We’ll see how it goes. There are plenty of bad actors out there who can pretend they’re 50+, or don’t even have to lie about it. We also wonder how long they can go without advertisers.

We all get older, including Zuckerberg. Do not you believe it? Here’s video evidence.

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