A person successfully evacuated himself from Ukraine using Bitcoin

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Last updated March 24, 2022

A Ukrainian citizen explained how he managed to flee Ukraine because of Russian military invasions in UKRANE.

Today is the 29th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine and in this situation the war is at a huge level where it is almost impossible to settle the battle with meeting and discussion. In this war effort, almost every Ukrainian citizen is in a situation where they have problems related to all kinds of things, that’s why they leave their native country, but it becomes difficult for them to maintain a life in another foreign country.

On March 23, CNBC reported on a true story of a Ukrainian citizen, Fadey. Fadey is a 20-year-old man who is also a Bitcoin believer and also had about $2,000 worth of Bitcoin in his Bitcoin USB wallet stick. It was 40% of his life savings in Bitcoin.

During the critical war situation between Russia and Ukraine, Fadey learned that he had to leave Ukraine, but he faced problems with the inaccessibility of banking services, which had been closed or closed by the government agencies to save it from any cyber-attack from Russia.

fadey said:

“I couldn’t withdraw money at all because the queues at the ATMs were so long, and I couldn’t wait that long.”

But access to his USB stick allowed him to use his $2,000 bitcoin and also access his Bitcoin funds with the words (phrase backup words from his Bitcoin wallet).

“I could just write my seed sentence on a piece of paper and take it with me.”

So in this way, using bitcoin, Fadey could not leave Ukraine, but he could also secure his money without any tension.

At the moment, the government is officially accepting crypto donations. And also, the government has successfully amassed about $100 million worth of Crypto assets.

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