A 14-inch convertible joins MSI’s business laptop range

Summit E14 Flip Evo 10

MSI has made a number of updates to the Summit Series, its line of high-end business laptops. The Summit E14 Evo, Summit E13 Flip Evo, Summit E16 Flip Evo, and Summit E16 Flip (which is similar to the Filp Evo with a higher resolution display and discrete GPU options). There’s also a brand new model, the Summit E14 Flip Evo, which is a convertible version (meaning the screen can be folded back into the shape of a tablet) of the Summit E14 Evo. It is striking that the 15-inch Summit E15 does not seem to have been updated.

The Summit E14 Flip would be for people who need a larger screen than that of the 13.4-inch E13 Flip Evo, but don’t want to switch to a 16-inch model. It also offers a higher-resolution panel than the 13-inch convertible, with a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1800, while the smaller model (as well as the clamshell E14) is an older 1920 x 1200.

Aside from the screen resolution, the E14 Flip appears largely similar to the clamshell E14, with identical configuration options, dimensions and port selections.

Here it is in action. Image: MSI

The new Summit models come with Tobii Aware, an eye-tracking technology that locks a device or blurs the screen when the user is not around. This kind of software has become more and more common on high-end business laptops in recent years and can provide some peace of mind to users who handle sensitive information.

“Users and businesses want computers that work proactively to keep their information safe while helping their well-being and productivity. This is exactly what Tobii Aware offers when combined with MSI’s new line of laptops,” said Ulrica Wikström, Tobii’s VP of PC, in a statement.

Priced to compete with premium models like Dell’s XPS line, the Summit E Series is best known for packing a fair amount of power into a lightweight chassis. While the build quality isn’t quite up to par with the top competitors in the business space (such as Apple’s MacBook Pro or Lenovo’s ThinkPads), the designs are sleek and professional with durable finishes.

The new laptops are now on sale. E14 Flip Evo models start at $1,499 and E14 Evo models start at $1,249. The E13 Flip Evo starts at $1,299, while the E16 and E16 Flip Evo start at $1,899 and $1,549, respectively.

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