506.2 million DOGE scooped up by Robinhood and Anon Whale: Report

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Yuri Molchan

A Dogecoin transaction tracker has spotted several huge transfers from DOGE, worth $69 million worth of crypto

Crypto Tracking Service @DogeWhaleAlert shared data on a massive 506.2 million DOGE moved by the popular Robinhood brokerage app and an anonymous whale.

According to the tweets, Robinhood conducted three “heavy” crypto transactions about 20 hours ago, moving three clones of 100,000,000 Dogecoin each between its internal addresses.

Each of those transfers was worth $13,679,600 and each was sent for a small fee of $1.37 (10 Dogecoins).

Image via Twitter

An hour earlier, an anonymous crypto whale transferred nearly the same amount of DOGE in one go: 206,263,823 coins. That included $27,958,442 in fiat and moved into a top 20 wallet, according to @DogeWhaleAlert.

In total, nearly $69 million was transferred in the original meme cryptocurrency.

As previously reported by U.Today, Robinhood owns 42,157,488,061 DOGE on behalf of its investors. That equates to an astonishing $4,945,874,342 – 31.78 percent of Dogecoin in circulation.

In other news, DOGE was recently added by the Bitcoin of America chain of ATMs. That’s 1,800 BTMs in about 39 US states.

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